palringo1We all know how Palringo is doing on Iphone. It’s considered to as a killer app when it comes to Iphone interface Palringo  have special application for Symbian handset. I tried using it on my e71 and works as great it is .

You can chat, exchange and share voice and picture messages with friends, family and colleagues.

 On phone it is a messaging service that’s purpose-built for mobiles. But there’s also a version for Windows PCs and Apple Macs, so you’re in touch all the time.

Palringo enables you to talk to all your contacts, whether they’re using AOL® Instant Messenger®, Google Talk™, Yahoo!® Messenger®, Gadu-Gadu, ICQ®, Jabber® or Windows Live. You can also use Palringo to contact friends using iChat®, Apple’s IM application.

Palringo is free to download; there are no subscription fees and no hidden or other monthly charges

 Click here to download

One Response to Palringo

  1. deeraj says:

    can you tell us more about this product….

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