Facebook on E71

15801Usually when we compare Iphone Facebook application with E71, we may not get all worthy stuff.

But having said that E71 Facebook application is specially designed for E71 browser.



Here are some screen images screenshot0008







Take a try by clicking here



39 Responses to Facebook on E71

  1. chucky.egg says:

    isnt that just the mobile version of the website?
    It’s not an app to download?

  2. e71unleashed says:

    Yes just with the link to the facebook wap site, with the icon.

  3. John says:

    You can’t upload pictures!!!!

  4. still you can upload pics using Facebook Widset for your Symbian Widset app.

    It’s pretty cool and let you upload pics from your mobile phone adding them automatically to a new gallery called “mobile phone”.

  5. John says:

    I’m sorry but you can’t. Show us how otherwise please. I hae a Nokia E71.


  6. Sachin says:

    why dnt u use emoozo

  7. pecelele says:

    Uploading pics to facebook from a symbian based phones (like E71) is easy. Just simply install a software named Shozu. You can get it from http://www.shozu.com. And then create a folder on your facebook photos album and name it Mobile Uploads. Point to it where shozu will place the upload pics from your phone (you have to set this option on shozu website, on your account settings). Enjoy uploading pics from your mobile to facebook.

  8. angvp says:

    Two words for you: shozu sucks

    There aren’t a real app to upload pics to facebook 😦

    I will have to develop one 🙂

  9. pecelele says:

    Well… I think Shozu is fair enough. I never miss a pics which I uploaded to my Facebook with shozu. Since I have no Blackberry nor iPhone on my hand, Shozu is the only thing that can help me uploading pics from my phone to Facebook. Its not bad at all…

    • Blanca says:

      I have a questiion… I all ready downloaded shozu on my phone… nokia e71, but I don,t how to send my pictures to facebook…. can you help me???? Please!!!

    • Shelley says:

      Pecelele, How do I verify this after I set it up? ty for your input, you’re awesome! 🙂

  10. hugoboss says:

    It says on my e71 that the cretificate for the application doesnt work… what do i do?

    • Hugoboss, Yeah, most likely the certificate expired, reset the date one year back. Install the app. And come back to the present date. There may be another setting, but at the top of my head I don’t know where it is.

  11. Erls says:

    thanks a lot. I upload a pic with shozu, finally xD i
    download it a time ago, and i ant upload.

    Maybe you have to go to “My shozu” (and in the part of facebook) “edit” and select the album in where you wanna upload your pics!! 🙂

    easily,.. pecelele thanks!!!! 🙂

  12. kyle smith says:

    I use this facebook app or link or whatever and I really like it because of the nice icon, and its pretty quick and smooth. as for uploading photos I just use http://www.pixelpipe.com Its free and it works awesome just add a pipe for facebook set up your preferences then you find the pic in your gallery in yuor phone and select post to web, then tag @facebook and it auto sends photo to “mobile uploads” album on my facebook with whatever caption I put in.. and I also use pixelpipe to upload pics to my twitter via twit pic, for those I just type tag @twitpic and I can even send the same pic at the same time to both or several different destinations just by selecting all the desired tags.

  13. tza says:

    I want to buy this phone, my question is can you open facebook status with more than 30 comments? My nokia 6300 and other hp cant open it. Because I’m facebook mania. TQ

  14. fdasf says:

    if u use a nokia then u can use m.facebook.com.
    To upload pics send the pic u would like to upload via MMS to: mobile@facebook.com
    This will give you a code and once you enter the code into FB using ur pc you will be able to upload pics anytime from ur fone camera or galery

    • Blanca says:

      Dear fdasf…. I did send a picturo via MMS to mobile@facebook.com….. the picture appeared at my page on FB…. but i did not recived a code……. How do I get my code??????….Thanx for your info!!!

  15. Sanjay M says:

    Problem with using a browser and m.facebook.com is that once I access any other URL then facebook goes into background again. Is there any workaround for this? Thanks! Btw has anyone tried mobitile.com

    (Btw I use an E71)

  16. juan says:

    i have a question!.. can any one of you E71 users conect your phones to the Pioneer BTB 200 bluetooth device… i have tried and it drops it after seconds of connection! thank you!

  17. kyle says:

    @juan: update to latest firmware. I had the same problem with a hbh-ds200(sony ericsson) now it works….but still will take a few tries to get it connected. Used to take me like 15minutes though, usable now.

  18. Mpho says:

    Hi i am using nokia e71 i am strugling to upload my picturess to my facebook profile?please help

  19. mullie says:

    i wonder how to tag a photos once you upload your photos via mobile uploads? i know everyone that upload a pics from blackberry can easyly tag the pics to their friends, but can we do the same via Nokia E71?

  20. Sachin says:

    the best way to do is – register ur email with facebook for mobile upoad. They will gve you some random email id. Store in ur e71. As soon as u click a snap email this to the email id given my E71. The snap will get uploaded

  21. willstay says:

    I wonder many of you have not explored m.facebook.com (facebook icon for E71 is m.facebook.com itself). Follow following link in m.facebook.com –

    Home -> Bookmarks -> Photos -> Upload Photos

    It will reach you to a unique email address for your account for e.g., batman33424@m.facebook.com. This email address is associated for my account and if I send any photo attached to this email address, photo will get posted in facebook.

    What I have done is, saved this email address in my contacts. When I have to upload picture, I snap it, from within camera app, I send email to my facebook upload email, then by the time I login to m.facebook.com, it will have uploaded, then I edit the photo label.

  22. wuffy says:

    Hi sorry, just come across this site, Ihave a question rregarding FB on nokia E71 but not sure where to post so hope this is ok
    For some reason I now cannot look at anyones photo albums from my phone….does anyone know why and what i need to do to be able to look once again
    Sorry if tis a silly question

  23. alfred uy says:

    Pixelpipe works ok

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  25. Adolfo Latif says:

    Excellent!! Enjoying your observations. Keep it up!.

  26. bariforun says:

    Мне все понравилось, только если бы еще денег на блоге дали или конкурс провели, было бы вообще отлично.

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