I love India I love IPL

ipl1Wow – I am very, very impressed!

I love IPL, I love Mumbai Indians and I love my Blog.. Do You?

I’ve gotten hooked on a new drug and I cannot, will not, give it up. Its the IPL Application for my Nokia E71.

This post majorly goes for the guys who are in love with the game of India. Cricket.

I am sure by now IPL cup is one of the most viewed cricket tournament.


The client is compatible with a number of Nokia devices.  screenshot00341

I just found the official IPL score card for mobile and it was working great on E71.

We can view the schedule, old scores and the current match score. The best part of this application is the popup window which comes out as soon as a batsman hit 6/4 or its a wicket.

Take a good look at the below photos of the application covering one of the finest match of IPL. Mumbai Indians Vs KKR.































I hope I cam able to satisfy many cricket fans through my Nokia e71 blog.


Click here to download

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