New Theme from the Master TehkSeven

Screenshot0038Well it’s been quite some time since I’ve been able to update you guys with the latest and great E71.

When it comes to themes on my E71, I like going to the best way possible. It’s either gotta be an all black theme, with very good contrast fonts and icons.

The master Tehk has created couple of more themes in these days. Again a master and a gift to all our sweet moms.

Have some pink world on your E71.  For all women darling readers its the best you can have on your E71.


Give a rose to someone you love. This time it should be for your Mother 🙂

Click Here to download the E version to have all icons set.

4 Responses to New Theme from the Master TehkSeven

  1. pink very good .. thanks

  2. chris says:

    hi there. first of all, LOVE your blog. It’s very informational. I just got me an E71 and I refer to your posts for choosing which applications to install. I just wanted to ask if you know of any freeware comprehensive dictionary which you can recommend. thanks a bunch. Oh yeah, also, would you suggest using animated themes?

  3. Daily Phones says:

    great blog! I am glad that I visited him

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