Push email Service – Seven Beta program convert your phone to a Black Berry like Push



I’m pretty sure all the power users out there have already used this  apps/services for getting push email in their own nokia E71, but maybe some one out there may find this post useful.




We all know that our precious Nokia E71 has the ability to retrieve emails as this device is somewhat a Blackbery contender, but bare the fact when actually the email that we setup from the email wizard (I’m not talking about the Mail for Exchange App) is truly a PULL EMail rather than a PUSH EMail like what RIM Blackberry does. Although the Nokia E71 device allows automatic retrieval every 5 minutes it’s still called pull email because your device actually ‘pulls’ information of any new emails that you get in your mailbox and then retrieves the new mail contents to your handset.

SEVEN is a service that lets you enjoy push email directly to your mobile device. These are the email providers that can be pushed through SEVEN:



SEVEN is determined to deliver the best user experience on mobile email, calendar, and contact management.
Here comes Seven to the rescue , in beta stage for a couple of years Seven have developed a lot , start with instillation of software from Seven site , option to add emails from Gmail , Yahoo , Hotmail and work mail , multiple email accounts allowed with one default account displayed on the standby screen. Contact sync with Gmail and others also allowed, emails are on push basis so need to refresh it . much easier to setup and use then Nokia email.

SEVEN is easy to setup, all you have to do is create a free account in the seven website, then download the sis file to your handset, the E71 isn’t listed yet but there is an option for the general symbian s 60 3 rd edition devices. After installing the app in your device, you can easily set up any email account you have and even add more email accounts to use:


The downside for all is lack of HTML email all I get in both is text based email no pics

The great thing about this application is that it uses the standard messaging app from your E71:

 It also tries to reconnect automatically whenever you loose connection coz of maybe poor signal reception, it displays the status of when the last time the connection was successfully established:

  Click here to go Ahead

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  1. CHANGA says:

    PLEASE CONTACT ME ON 0734346000

  2. Sachin says:

    Changa – I am a Blogger – not the owner of thsi application. still this is for?

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