My next step towards India’s Startup Ecosystem


Innovation, Information & Interaction have been important tenets for any startup. That’s when one needs to build and design a collaborative tool to help startups reach and exceed their goals!

Founded in 2009, VentureCore
is an initailtive for buidling such tool exclusively for Indian Startups. If you are the anchors of coming innovations, be here!

VentureCore aims for becoming a mainstay in India’s Startup Ecosystem, an environment on which the startups thrive.There’s something interesting happening now – Startups are undergoing the same transformation that technology does when it becomes cheaper. The quantity and quality of information available to startups has undergone a revolution, which has the potential to change startup execution in India.

We believe that to promote a startup engagement in such time, one needs to think like a movement:

A Collaborative Movement – A movement to give as much information control over to other startup through a platform as you can if they share your vision, and empower them to carry your message. This is almost NEVER done in the Indian Startup Ecosystem today. We echo it as “Leaving nothing to chance”.

You can also eye us on

………………………………………………………….We are at Pre-Alpha stage, and will be live very soon!

2 Responses to My next step towards India’s Startup Ecosystem

  1. Megha Jain says:


    The Entrepreneurship Cell [E-Cell] of IIT Bombay is conducting a reality show for budding entrepreneurs who have established their start-up and is giving them a unique opportunity to pitch their ideas to investors to receive funding from them.

    This dynamic version of the conventional investor’s pitch called the Vulture’s Nest; is a competition starting from 10th December whose finals are to be hosted in the first week of February during E-Summit 2010, which is the networking event held by E-Cell, IIT Bombay.

    As opposed to a conventional investor pitch, Vulture’s Nest will be much more competitive and aggressive. The finals will have investors as well as the general public as the audience which will make the event much more happening as against a routine pitch.

    These Entrepreneurs will get a chance to pitch their ideas to a panel of investors in 15 minutes. This is an excellent opportunity for start-ups who do not have access to large venture capitalists and private equity firms to gain capital and visibility.

    The contest will go on air on ET Now channel, starting January. The US and the UK have similar shows, but it’s the first time that such an event is being conducted in India.

    IIT-B will invite submissions [in the form of presentations] from December 10 to January 4. Those selected will pitch their ideas at auditions in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai on January 16 and 17.

    The final round will have 10 candidates pitching to four investors, one of whom is US-based venture capitalist Taj Haslani. All 10 participants might get funding if the panellists like their pitches.

    This competition will actively help entrepreneurs as they will interact with investors and get a chance to directly get funds for their firms.

  2. Sachin says:

    can u send em the link

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