Snaptu – A different Mobile web world! [ Facebook/Twitter/Google ]


The wait is over for now. Something to atleasts smile on.

Snaptu isn’t a Web browser: it works more like the iPhone’s app system, in the sense that it displays icons you can press that link up to Web services. The services range from TFL’s Tube status to weather updates and you can add or remove the apps you need very easily. Snaptu isn’t a new idea, but it looks great and works really well, in part because all the hard work is done by the Snaptu servers rather than your phone.

Snaptu is a Java application that aims to provide a very comprehensive Internet experience to cell phone owners everywhere. It gives its users access to services like Facebook, Google Calendar and RSS updates from their favorite sites on the web.

As far as downloading Snaptu is concerned, this process is quite straightforward and it can be handled either via SMS (using a text message) or in your mobile browser.

Click here to download

In both cases support and guidance is provided online under the “Help” heading.

Enjoy some screen images

















































Enjoy Guys! Also check my new step

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