SMS Preview for E Series


SMS Preview is a free application to download and use from Mobile Nordic. The company is the winner of the 2009 GSMA Mobile Innovation Award winner for Best Mobile Consumer Application with 118 Mobile, a real world directory lookup service.

SMS Preview is one of the great features included in the application that we found a lot of people could use on it´s own, so why not share it for free? Now you can instantly preview incoming SMS messages to see what is sent and who has sent it when the message arrives without a single click!

Save time and effort by not having to navigate to your message folder for those SMS messages that are not important.

  • No more worrying about those nagging “New Message” notifications and wondering what it is about.
  • See message previews for 5-60 seconds on the screen until it disappears or until you double click, the choice is yours.
  • Easy to setup and keep updated. No pain, it just works.
  • See name of unknown numbers in SMS Previews by upgrading if you want.
  • Click Download Now! and save to computerlogotype-1

    Getting started with SMS Preview couldn’t be any easier. After installing the application, it starts automatically.

    If the application has already been installed to the device or you later wish to change application settings, you can find the application from the main menu or the default folder for installed programs.


    One Response to SMS Preview for E Series

    1. iswan says:

      hebat aplikasinya mantap punya euy….. thanks for you

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