E71 and Google

April 25, 2009

I have got couple of emails and blog comments asking for google application for E71.

Though Google has no application like Yahoo go, which integerate all its featurs. But we do have some excellent standalone applications for E71.

I will try to post some of these

1. for your Nokia S60 phone. Google lets you search for everything from images to news to products and much more. Get the information you want, right on your mobile phone. obile search stores your most recently searched locations, making it faster and easier to get the information you’re looking for the next time you search.

Google Search

screenshot00182.Compose and read your most recent email even when you’re on the subway or plane. Gmail shows new messages in your inbox without you having to refresh the browser.

Gmail for your Nokia S60 phone -Need to get caught up on your Gmail? Try Gmail for mobile. Keep your conversations going and get to any message you want – anywhere you are – for free. Quickly switch between your Google Apps email and Gmail from the same client.



Google Maps for your Nokia S60 phone. Google Maps for mobile feels just like Google Maps on the desktop. Pan and zoom the map, and view satellite imagery, and even switch into Street View (on BlackBerry and Java-enabled phones) for a closer look. oogle Maps offers turn-by-turn driving directions – and thanks to My Location, you don’t even have to enter your starting point. You can also get walking directions (only on BlackBerry and some Java-enabled phones for now) and find public transit routes.






YouTube for your Nokia S60 phone – Looking for some entertainment? Now you can watch videos right from your mobile device. YouTube for mobile means having millions of videos right in your pocket. Browse millions of videos, including most viewed, top rated, and the day’s featured videos. Access your YouTube account. Log in to your YouTube account on your phone and access your Favorites, Playlists, and your own uploaded videos. Upload videos. Upload videos directly from your phone and see them appear within moments on both the mobile site and YouTube.com.




Google Latitude – With Google Latitude, you can: See where your friends are and what they are up to. Quickly contact them with SMS, IM, or a phone call. Control your location and who gets to see it.
Location sharing starts only when both you and a friend agree. Invite friends via email or easily add them from your Gmail contacts.  You can share, set, hide your location – or turn off/sign out of Google Latitude – from the privacy menu. You can also hide your location or share only a city-level location with certain friends.



Google Sync  for your Nokia S60 phone

You may click on each entry to see how E71 can get on with Google Apps. The product is still in Beta Phase. et your Google contacts quickly and easily to your Nokia S60 phone. With Sync, you can have access to your address book at anytime and place that you need it. Your contacts stay synchronized whether you access them from your phone or from your computer. Add or edit contact information right on your device or on your Google account on the web.


For all above application visit m.google.com from you E7 1 Browser.