New Theme from the Master TehkSeven

May 11, 2009

Screenshot0038Well it’s been quite some time since I’ve been able to update you guys with the latest and great E71.

When it comes to themes on my E71, I like going to the best way possible. It’s either gotta be an all black theme, with very good contrast fonts and icons.

The master Tehk has created couple of more themes in these days. Again a master and a gift to all our sweet moms.

Have some pink world on your E71.  For all women darling readers its the best you can have on your E71.


Give a rose to someone you love. This time it should be for your Mother 🙂

Click Here to download the E version to have all icons set.


Another Theme from a Master – Just a Preview

May 2, 2009


This guy is awesome!  Tehkseven!

A young guy with his fantastic approach in designing.  Nokia publisher are now trying to analyze his design and I am sure this day is not so far where his themes will be used as the default designs.





This is another addition in the design.

Here are some screens screenshot0122








New Theme – E series Brown

April 25, 2009

screenshot00153Found a new Brown Theme for E71.

Have been recieveing emails asking for positing new Themes. So here is one. All of these screenshots were taken from my Nokia E71
The icons are used as your defaults ones. My screen shot will show N86.




Download here

Some New Themes for e71

April 20, 2009

white-nokai-e71-touch-iconsCouple of  themes  which looks cool and suits the E71 Screen World.

This one is with the Nokia Touch Phone Icons!

Nokia aldo redesigned the icons to make them look more updated and better. The new icons are the Nokia Touch icons and I am totally in love with them, they look totally awesome in the Nokia E71 or E71x and definitively look better than the old icons. This new pack of touch icons themes for the Nokia E71x and E71 are really hard to find since the Nokia Touch icons are very new, and I always wanted an all white theme for my E71 like the one I currently use  but with the new Nokia touch icons for the E71. And after searching for hours I came up with this beautiful white theme for the E71 and E71x with touch icons. The new theme suits perfectly the elegant presence of the E71 and is a must have, probably the best theme for E71x and E71 out there! : See the 2 White screens images. Looks Cool! Want to download ? Click here!nokia-e71-touch-icons1

theme_release_prestige_glass2Another one is from tehk7 .

The great S60 Themer, Tehkseven, just released an excellent Premium theme for the Nokia E71 and E71x, it is called Glass Prestige and it looks amazingly well on the Nokia E71, it has shades of dark blue and has a very special touch of ”glass” that makes the E71 look more glassy and shiny than what it already is! This theme is just one of the best ones out there, the E71 looks ridiculously well on the Glass Prestige theme from Tehkseven it can’t be true!  The also very well known bug on the E71 with the calendar icon, is fixed on the Glass theme and everything works 100% fully tested. Click here to Download