Nokia Booklet 3G – 600 Euros

September 2, 2009


After more than 25 years as a pioneer and leader in the mobile industry, Nokia will bring its rich mobility heritage and knowledge to the PC world with the new, Windows based, Nokia Booklet 3G.


It’s got an Intel Atom, 120GB HDD, 1GB of RAM, WiFi, HDMI, and 3G . Now official on Nokia Europe site too.

Just when we thought things couldn’t get more competitive in the arena of laptops and netbooks, Nokia has announced its snazzy netbook called the Booklet 3G. Nokia seems to be diversifying into a hitherto much tried market of netbooks, in order to become a complete mobile solutions company

Growing number of people want the computing power of a PC with the full benefits of mobility,” said Kai Oistamo, Nokia’s Executive Vice President for Devices. “We are in the business of connecting people and the Nokia Booklet 3G is a natural evolution for us. Nokia has a long and rich heritage in mobility and with the outstanding battery life, premium design and all day, always on connectivity, we will create something quite compelling. In doing so we will make the personal computer more social, more helpful and more personal.”


The netbook itself looks pretty awesome, and many analysts feel it resembles the MacBook Air, instead of a regular netbook. The Booklet 3G is expected to run on Intel’s Atom processor though the speed of which is not known yet. Nokia would also use Microsoft’s Windows OS though it is not clear yet if they would be using a stripped down or a full version.

nokia netbook booklet 3g notebook pc

The coolest feature however has to be the claimed 12 hour battery life which would give Nokia an edge over other popular netbooks in the market. It would have a screen of 10 inches and would weigh just 1.25 kilograms making it extremely portable, and convenient to use. Nokia would be competing with pioneers of netbook Asus, and also Dell and HP who have their own versions of netbooks

The Booklet 3G is feature rich, snazzy, chic, portable and comes from the house of Nokia, and thus things can’t really go wrong here. Many analysts however fear Nokia is venturing into a saturated market and that too with razor sharp competition which could hurt their already bleeding profits. Nevertheless, Nokia seems to see this as an opportunity to diversify its market and take on Apple and other companies which have products for both cell phone and netbook users.

Time to bargain on my HP Mini.


My Twitter Page! High time to Tweet!

August 17, 2009

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Why we are just another WEB 2.0 Social Networking tool?

August 16, 2009


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SnowKiwi Visual Notes

August 14, 2009


Away from E71 world, thought should share this with you all blog fans. Thanks in advance.

Have tried enough of Visio. How about the old visual notes concept; which are simpler to relate and eye refreshers too.

Click here to view some of these.

SnowKiwi – My New World! The Establishment ! Pre-Alpha Phase 1 design @ work.

August 12, 2009


The day I graduated, the idea to “spend a life on something different ” was born,  But just like many of us, I didn’t know a clear definition of – What to do and to solve what kind of problem”, Combined with some serious questions.  And then an idea! How about a free communication of knowledge and information. How about studying the knowledge sharing curve in our lives. A place one can openly express their ideas, share their information, and learn from one another.

But what in it? Another social networking site, e-learning portal or a document sharing application. Then things turned up differently.

We were real excited to represent our entire knowledge attaining cycle in each of the following phase :

  1. School Curve
  2. Graduate School/College
  3. Working world
  4. Retirement.


So the Pre- Alpha phase 1 will be in designing the platform for starting up an Educational Network for schools and concentrating on just the first phase. The School Curve. [Will post some Design hand notes representing the idea and the flow.

So where is the problem?  In the parsing process of sharing knowledge?  Simply yes, because not many had ever built a portion of learning software designed with a bottom- up approach. Many of educational software that existed were built using top-down approach:  to help teachers better administer a course to students (think of any e learning site.). It was not designed to help students learn the course material, share knowledge, team up in and collaborate it. More to add, costs lot to license such software.


So why has there been top > down software for so long, but no bottom-up products? I believe the answer here is the infrastructure. When I was in college, each of my class had about 2-5 students with laptops. When you walk into a graduate school/college today, you may see 40%-60% of the students using PCs/Laptops, with more facilities like WiFi campus, free internet. Students are using computers to study, and not just in their boarding/bed rooms!  They take their computers (and the internet) with them everywhere, meaning the prospects to collaborate knowledge online rationally is finally a certainty.


The solution? May be an academic social world built for students by students, based on the social network tree.  Students are some of the most tech-savvy people around us, so it’s only logical that they would gain a lot from an inclusive online network that lets them create, organize, share and learn from digital knowledge and information content. It’s about collaborating, dipping the doubling of effort, learning and executing it in a better way.

We’re pushy, and we’re constantly asking our self what the outside student world needs?

Please visit and give your valuable comments at

My next step towards India’s Startup Ecosystem

August 11, 2009

Innovation, Information & Interaction have been important tenets for any startup. That’s when one needs to build and design a collaborative tool to help startups reach and exceed their goals!

Founded in 2009, VentureCore
is an initailtive for buidling such tool exclusively for Indian Startups. If you are the anchors of coming innovations, be here!

VentureCore aims for becoming a mainstay in India’s Startup Ecosystem, an environment on which the startups thrive.There’s something interesting happening now – Startups are undergoing the same transformation that technology does when it becomes cheaper. The quantity and quality of information available to startups has undergone a revolution, which has the potential to change startup execution in India.

We believe that to promote a startup engagement in such time, one needs to think like a movement:

A Collaborative Movement – A movement to give as much information control over to other startup through a platform as you can if they share your vision, and empower them to carry your message. This is almost NEVER done in the Indian Startup Ecosystem today. We echo it as “Leaving nothing to chance”.

You can also eye us on

………………………………………………………….We are at Pre-Alpha stage, and will be live very soon!

Snaptu – A different Mobile web world! [ Facebook/Twitter/Google ]

August 11, 2009


The wait is over for now. Something to atleasts smile on.

Snaptu isn’t a Web browser: it works more like the iPhone’s app system, in the sense that it displays icons you can press that link up to Web services. The services range from TFL’s Tube status to weather updates and you can add or remove the apps you need very easily. Snaptu isn’t a new idea, but it looks great and works really well, in part because all the hard work is done by the Snaptu servers rather than your phone.

Snaptu is a Java application that aims to provide a very comprehensive Internet experience to cell phone owners everywhere. It gives its users access to services like Facebook, Google Calendar and RSS updates from their favorite sites on the web.

As far as downloading Snaptu is concerned, this process is quite straightforward and it can be handled either via SMS (using a text message) or in your mobile browser.

Click here to download

In both cases support and guidance is provided online under the “Help” heading.

Enjoy some screen images

















































Enjoy Guys! Also check my new step